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Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard is a type of cloth featuring an intricate pattern woven into the warp on a special mechanical loom, rather than printed on the surface. It was a French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard who invented this technology in 1804, so it was named after him. Any jacquard fabric is all about the pattern, which looks that unique due to the way it is applied. Very often, if you look at the back of the cloth, long floats can be found; these are threads used to produce the pattern, and it tells you straight away that you are dealing with jacquard.


  • Design – the pattern features an emerald green and aqua green jeweled stones in the bronze settings on a dark green background. Before the invention of the jacquard loom, such patterns were made by hand and involved a lot of labor and time. Nowadays, highly detailed motifs are woven automatically in a much shorter time. The secret is in controlling warp yarns. The jacquard loom creates a pattern by selecting and lifting warp yarns.
  • Manufacturer – made in France by Dutel, a world’s leading jacquard fabric producer, operating since 1937. Their high craftsmanship and innovative techniques allow to achieve the highest quality. Brand is also well-known for exquisite picturesque motifs that give a classic impression to style. Dutel produces two collections consist of around 350 fabrics each in a year.

  • How does it feel – dense, completely opaque, slightly textured, has a beautiful sheen.

  • Suitable for sewing of dresses, skirts, jackets, and evening wear.

  • Season to wear – this jacquard has a medium-density and luxurious pattern, which makes it an ideal material for special occasions during cold seasons.

Washing instructions

It is allowed to wash the fabric in a washing machine but you must choose a delicate mode. It can only be washed at 30 degrees. We recommend to use a special washing bag. In any case, you can not squeeze this jacquard fabric. It is allowed to dry this material only in a horizontal position.


Composition: 59% Acetate35% Polyester6% Metallic Fibers
Weight: 199 g/m²
Width: 148 cm
Manufacturer: SBIOTEX
Country: France
Categories: Dresses, Evening Wear, Jackets, Skirts



Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 5 cm

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